Justine van Lawick (Netherlands)

Justine van Lawick (Netherlands)

Justine van Lawick (Netherlands)

Justine is clinical psychologist, family therapist and co-founder of the Lorentzhuis (1984), centre for systemic therapy, training and consultation in Haarlem, the Netherlands. She is a senior trainer in the Netherlands and abroad. She developed dialogical and systemic practices in the context of high conflict and violence in families. Her latest project addresses multi family work with high conflict divorced parents, their children and their social network. Finding power and vitality in the middle of tragedy is in the centre of her work. In these areas she is author of many publications.


“As a child I rescued plants and talked with dogs and horses.

As a student I became a political activist.

As a psychologist I was fascinated by family therapy.

I found my professional home in systemic and dialogical practices.

I co-founded the Lorentzhuis (1984) in Haarlem, the Netherlands, to create a healthy context for these practices.

I found pleasure in doing therapies, teaching, writing, researching and developing the field.

High conflict and violence always were and are in my attention.

Children are with me and in me.

Practitioner research is opening new landscapes.

I am worried about the long-term effects of the capitalist and neo liberalist system and the related anthropocentrism that created multiple devastating crises in the world.

I find myself rescuing plants again.”