Springs of Dialogue

6th International Conference on Dialogical Practices

Olomouc, Palacký University, Czech Republic

NEW DATE IS HERE, SAVE THE TIME: 18. 5. - 20. 5. 2023


with Ivana Markova, Jaakko Seikkula, Peter Rober, Adalberto Barretto and many others

Dear friends and colleagues

We decided to postpone the 6th International conference on dialogical practices that was planned for this May in Jeseník especially due to very uncertain situation of current pandemia. It was very hard for us to make this decision because there was a lot of things done and prepared already. For all of us it was a top event of this year where we hoped to finally get together in person as a community of dialogical practitioners. We are sorry to announce this but we also hope you will understand that going on preparation of the conference would be a risky business that we, as a consortium of two small non-profit organisations, cannot afford. We will come up with a new date as soon as possible.


Zahrada 2000 & Narativ Association

Throughout the history of humankind, we were too often in the position of conquerors, warriors or entrepreneurs who have forcefully re-made, re-built and manipulated the world around us. As we can see today, this type of attitude became a major factor in the multiple crises we are now facing: environmental crisis, health crisis, social crisis, spiritual crisis.

This conference will be held in the middle of the natural beauty of the Jeseníky mountains, at a spa where the major healing agent is a cold water spring together with fresh air and sun. This spa was established exactly 200 years ago by Vincenz Priessnitz who became a famous healer by making use of the natural properties of water in touch with human body.

Dialogue is for us what water was to Priessnitz. It springs naturally but it can be polluted very easily. It has to be taken care of and used consciously. We want to see dialogue not just as means to an end but as the fundamental core of our actions and endeavours.

Join us in a regular bi-annual congress that invites researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and human services who are inspired by ideas of a dialogue as an inherent and necessary condition of human life. Dialogical practice follows original ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin enriched by recent developments in intersubjectivity and embodiment. These dialogical practices led to many innovative models of working in different contexts around the world.